The YellowSide Daily
collaboration with HomeShop for A Museum That is Not, Times Museum, Guangzhou, 2011

The YellowSide Daily was a predictive newspaper, realized as part of the exhibition A Museum That is Not at the Times Museum in Guangzhou. Instead of a reflective document, which is the common past-tense of newspapers, it functioned like a script for a day of news that HomeShop and a team of museum volunteers actually carried out. Working around the clock with last-minute predictive adjustments, the inaugural edition of The YellowSide Daily (dated 9 October 2011) appeared in a print run of 4000 copies on October 7th. The newspapers were distributed by hand and door-to-door around the community in the morning of October the 8th, and finally the fateful news day—October 9th—arrived. Stories about “civilized moto-taxis,” the creation of a new art district in the locality, and a press conference with Rem Koolhaas, were all made to happen. It was also a playfully critical reference to the revisionism of big media (in which Chinese media participates like all the rest).

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