Forms of life; a traveling pyjama party
workshop at a.pass, Brussels, October 13-18, 2014

During a period of 6 days, participants are invited to each host the rest of the group in their apartment for a day. We will cook together, discuss a series of texts, take turns using the shower and read bedtime stories from a book picked up from the shelf. We may find out about each other’s morning habits, housekeeping tricks, different ways of folding the sheets.

For six days and five nights, this workshop will attempt to explore different ways of living and living together, focusing on the domestic sphere, our daily habits and their spatial manifestation, as well as on the ways these forms of life may or may not slip out of the window and down to the street. During each short residency we will collectively try to come up with a proposal for a small modification of or intervention in the space we are currently in, and negotiate its terms with our host. We may or may not carry out the proposal.

* “A life that cannot be separated from its form is a life for which what is at stake in its way of living is living itself. What does this formulation mean? It defines a life——human life——in which the single ways, acts, and processes of living are never simple facts but always and above all possibilities of life, always and above all power.” (Giorgio Agamben, Means without End: Notes on Politics, p. 4)

Forms of life took place during block III/2014 of the a.pass – advanced performance and scenography studies program.