HomeShop’s final publication, Beijing, December 2013


Located at the edges of our project, Appendix is a publication bringing together 43 parallel moments gathered from those who have been close to HomeShop for years, or in passing. As the project space closes its doors for good at the end of 2013, this publication begins from the question of what extra has been produced during this time, and seeks in part to address some of these residuals, imagining to incorporate them, or at least to acknowledge and trace the extent of their supplementation.

with contributions by: 9/10, Gerard ALTAIÓ, Tom BAXTER & Solveig SUESS, Jay BROWN, Orianna CACCHIONE, Tyler COBURN, Patrick CONWAY, Michael EDDY, Pilar ESCUDER, Zoro FEIGL, GAO Bei, GAO Ling, Hannes GRASSEGGER, GUO Hao, Elaine W. HO, Rania HO, Asako IWAMA & Derrick WANG, Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA, MAI Dian, Jonas NAKONZ, Twist QU, Julie REN, Igor ROGELJA, Alessandro ROLANDI, Emi UEMURA, Reinaart VANHOE, Cici WANG, YANG Licai, Michael YUEN, Boat.Z, ZHANG Jianling, ZHANG Xianmin, ZHU Feng

publication information: 148 pp., offset 1/1 and 4/0, 130 x 195mm, Simplified Chinese and English, edition of 500, edited by Michael EDDY and Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA, published by HomeShop

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