Weather Stories
set design for a performance by default company
Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, 2012-13

The main element of the set design was a large platform, designed and constructed in a way that allowed several transformations to be carried out on stage by the performers. The platform would become a wall to write on, a city, a mountain, the sky or a door through which to return, in a succession of “moving images” set up, animated and subsequently dismantled by the protagonists throughout the piece. Since the performance was meant to be mainly for children, the transparency of these transformations was juxtaposed with the “magic” that emerged in some of the scenes.

concept: default company; direction: Xenia Themeli, Alexia Beziki, Kallirroi Papadopoulou; choreography: Xenia Themeli, in collaboration with the performers; lighting design: Alekos Giannaros; music: Dimosthenis Grivas; lyrics: default company; set design: Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga; costumes design: Ioanna Tsami; assistant set designer: Elena Antonopoulou; assistant costume designer: Dimitra Liakoura; with: Alexia Beziki, Giorgos Fridzilas, Manolis Giannikios, Dimosthenis Grivas, Markella Manoliadi, Danae Nielsen, Xenia Themeli, Alexis Tsiamoglou; production: Onassis Cultural Centre; production adviser: Artemis Makridou; production organizer: Rena Andreadaki

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