Can you pass the salt, please?
a series of dinners organized together with Salon Populaire / Ellen Blumenstein, Fiona Geuß, Tanja Schomaker, Berlin, 2010-12

Taking up on the ancient Greek tradition of coming together to eat and drink while discussing philosophical questions, Can you pass the salt, please? was a series of dinner-conversations organized at Salon Populaire between 2010-2012. Each dinner had a theme, and some guests were invited to prepare conversation starters, but the event inevitably took its own direction. Guests would eat, drink, and talk, exploring the possibility of concentrating on one topic. Natural social awkwardness would be countered by the dinner’s structure, in which guests could always pass or request the “salt”: the group’s attention. What does each guest bring to the table?

Conversation topics included: Friendship (27/10/2010), Madness (23/02/2011), Gift (15/06/2011), Miracle (07/12/2011), Liability (04/04/2012)

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